About Us

The University of Alberta Biomedical Technologies Development Group is a multidisciplinary group  seeking to create solutions to clinical and health issues through interdisciplinary action across the  fields of science, medicine, and engineering. The group is project based, providing members with the opportunity to develop and apply technical skills to solve real-world problems. University of Alberta Biomedical Technologies Development Group aims to compete in national and international competitions, engage with the community, and participate in various biomedical conferences.

What is Biomedical Engineering?

Biomedical engineering is an advanced engineering discipline that combines the knowledge of engineering, biology, and medicine, to improve human health through cross-disciplinary activities that integrate the engineering science with biomedical sciences and clinical practice.  Some examples of well-established areas within the biomedical engineering field are bioinstrumentation, biomechanics, and rehabilitation engineering. (Section Info Source: Imperial College London)

Why Join UABiomed?

UABiomed is a unique student group that provides members the opportunity to work with other students of diverse backgrounds to develop innovative biomedical engineering devices. It is a great chance to develop numerous transferable skills such as teamwork and communication, and learn more about medical research in the healthcare market.